With all that's going on, care for your mind.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It has been a whirlwind of a time lately. There is so much to unpack. Trouble seems to be everywhere. Everywhere. While you try to process one issue, whether it be personal, familial, community, global, another heartbreaking issue arises. Sometimes it isn't even that clean cut - two, three things can pop up at once, while five other things are on your mind. It's been hard. I know how you feel.

What can we do? What can we possibly do? We believe we are not doing enough, we wish to contribute to every issue that concerns us, we wish to donate to all the causes that need our financial help. Even as I write this, my heart feels heavy. My mind is on a lot of things, a lot of people, a lot of injustice, a lot of lost innocent lives, a lot of strong people standing together to fight the good fight, all over the world. I feel like it's not enough. I continue to learn from perspectives that are not mine, experiences that I would never encounter, but is all too real to others. I empathize. I get angry at the unfairness of the world. I feel helpless.

If you have these thoughts and feelings, you are not alone. You are not alone. Take a deep breath, like I just did. and then take another. There is a long fight ahead. The fact that you acknowledge that you can do more, to know your voice, your strength, though it is only one, knowing that it can make a difference, that is a wonderful first step. Now is the time. Together we can be stronger. But without a clear path and a clear mind, without caring for our mental health, we won't be able to fight the good fight as effectively. With all that's going on, care for your mind.

3 Ways to Care for your mind:

1. Call a friend

It can feel lonely when your mind seems to burden itself with all the worries of the world. Reach out to someone that you trust, that you care for, that you look up to, or seek professional advice. Open up a conversation, a discussion and be open to their thoughts and feelings. Learn to be mindful, let out some frustration. Talking to someone can help with our mental health. You are not alone.

2. Collect your Thoughts.

Take some time to collect your thoughts. Write down all the issues you wish to take a stance on, educate yourself on, write it all down. Breathe, be levelheaded. Let it out. Gather your thoughts, gather your sanity. It's been heavy - that's the truth. Write out your emotions, and then, write out ways that you can help. If you don't know, take some time and do some research. There are plenty of resources online. You might know people who know. Remember, sometimes with some things, there might not be things that you can do right now. And that is okay. Write it down. Remember what you care about. You are one person and you can't fight 4 battles at once, as effectively and efficiently with your time.

Again, change does not come instantly. Nor does it rarely come from just one person. It is time for a collective change. Keeping this in mind, figure out timelines for the things you can do, read, learn about, take action on, et cetera. And then, put those words into action. Change is upon us. And it starts with us.

3. Create and Conquer

Sometimes art/creations speak louder than words. Sometimes, that is all I can use to portray how I truly feel. I dance to let go of some deep emotions. Whatever you want to use to express your frustrations, anger, hopelessness, fear, loneliness - use it. Dance, sing, draw, paint, anything.You don't have to be great, or even good at it. Create something. This helps your mental health, trust me.

And then, be creative in ways that we take action on the issues at hand. Take time to let the creative juices run. Use your strengths, and maybe reach out to others to combine your strengths to creatively tackle things. Create and conquer.

With all that's going on, please care for your mind. Do it for yourself, for your community, for your world. Continue to fight the good fight, be kind and be stronger together.

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