What levels of dance do you offer, and what do they mean?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

So you've come to VYbE for dance. You've read the class descriptions and wonder, which one suits you best? 🤔

The levels listed are just guidelines, as all our instructors have their own teaching pace and style. Also keep in mind that every student learns differently and in different paces. Our best recommendation is to try the class you're considering and see if it’s right for you!


- At this point all of our kids programs are Open Level - this means that anyone in the specified age range can join. We will be expanding into categorizing into levels as our kids class sizes grow.

Absolute Beginner

No experience required! Learn at a slow and steady pace, but challenging enough to get your heart rate going. Majority of the class time is spent on foundational grooves and understanding how your own body moves, and how to control your movement.


This level is for those who've taken dance classes of the same genre before, with generally 0-2 years of consistent dance class experience. Classes are generally evenly split between warm ups with grooves and drills to further understand the foundations of that dance style. A beginner-level piece of choreography then will be taught by incorporating the grooves of the week.


Generally, 2+ years of consistent dance class experience is recommended for this level. Students are assumed to have a general understanding of their body and movement control and choreography retention. A longer and more difficult piece of choreography will be taught.


Pre-Professional level dancers will find this class level challenging. A longer and more difficult piece of choreography will be taught. Students are expected to be very familiar with most foundational grooves, some knowledge in other urban dance styles, understand textures and movement dynamics, and be diligently working on areas that they have identified for themselves to improve on.

If you are stuck between two levels, we recommend trying the "easier" one first, and then you can go from there. Hot tip of advice that we have gathered from countless international choreographers that have taught at VYbE: It doesn't matter what level you think you are at, beginner and foundational classes are ALWAYS valuable to take in any point of your journey. Jasmin, our Creative Director points out that while the class setting is important, what your mind is focusing on in any given class is just as crucial to your improvement. If you are seeking advice and guidance in your journey to become a better dancer, consider private sessions where you can ask personalized questions to specifically help you grow. You've got this!

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