As a community, your safety is our number 1 priority. VYbE is closely monitoring all updates provided by the municipal, provincial, and federal governments regarding COVID-19 and following their directions to keep our community safe from further infection.

As a result, VYbE is currently suspending all in studio activities, and will remain closed until it is deemed safe to resume operations.

We will be instead offering ONLINE LIVE CLASSES and releasing ONLINE CLASS TUTORIALS and additional content on our YouTube Channel.

While we're releasing a bunch of free content alongside our Live Classes, we'd like to take a moment to call upon our community to help us out in these wild times.

Most of you already know we are a very small team of people just hoping to get everyone dancing while (more importantly) gaining self confidence, empowerment, improve on important life skills, make new lasting friendships. You may think "Why should I support you, VYbE, when there are so many others out there?" Well, we just hope that we've made a lasting enough impact on your life that you will consider supporting our small team of artists behind it all. We don't have backing from investors, or anything fancy. We just want to keep the music going on our dance floor once more and have a space to share that with our community.


Support-what-you-can by clicking the heart below 😊🙏🏻





If you are unable to, that's okay! Let's just enjoy the VYbEs together. You could help us by spreading the word about our Online Dance Classes! Also, learn then and tag us on social media for a reshare! ✌🏻

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Message us!


We're thankful for every member of our community, past and present, for your love, support, and understanding while we all trek through this crazy time together!

#BeatTheVirus | #CatchVYbESNotViruses




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