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Owner and Creative Director of VYbE Dance Company


Jasmin Yeung knew dance was her passion when she started dancing at the age of 2. Since then, she has trained endlessly all over the world (Toronto, Montreal, California, Korea, and Japan, just to name a few) with many internationally renowned dancers. She continues to pursue dance as a performer, freestyler, choreographer, instructor and director. Jasmin has danced for Lady Gaga, opened for Hedley's concert, worked with Toronto's Gadfly, and danced for many Asian Artists. She has worked with Addy Chan on Nickelodeon's TV Show: Make It Pop as a Choreography Assistant.


In the summer of 2016, she officially took over as the new Owner and Creative Director of VYbE Dance Company. Since her new role, she's brought amazing success to VYbE - winning first place at the Beatdown Hip Hop Dance Competition 2016, placing second runner up at Urban Rumble 2016 and North Side Story Competition 2017. Jasmin also joined the judging panel for The Academy: Urban Dance Competition 2017 and BYOB: High School Division 2017, OUCH 2017, and BYOB: Post Secondary Division 2018.


Jasmin continues to pursue her own artistic dreams and hopes to guide the new generation of VYbE dancers to be the best artists they can be.


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