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Our Annual Training Programs have launched just over 2 weeks ago and we’ve been swarming with inquiries! We have a great year of dancing ahead of us, I just know it ;) If you’re interested but you’re just not quite sure whether to jump right in, here’s a handful of reasons why joining our teams and growing community would be an unforgettable experience:


Our mission statement at VYbE Dance Company is to help the youth, and those young at heart to become better versions of themselves through dance. We understand the accountability we have as a platform and community space to make an impact in people’s lives. Our faculty and staff all strive to make sure we are creating a safe, supportive and friendly environment for our community members. Through our love of dance and great taste in music, we help the youth learn and develop valuable life skills like respect, perseverance, interpersonal skills, creative expression and oftentimes leadership.

For some of us who’ve been here for a while now, we can confidently say that VYbE is a place where everyone can share their love of dance with one another and a place where lifelong friendships begin. We welcome you with open arms!

VYbE members from different generations performing together at the CCYAA Celebrity Classic


If you’re looking to advance your choreography/dance skills and improve faster with more dedicated training, you’re in the right place. Program Members can take VYbE Open Classes for only $12! So you save AND level up. Members are also eligible for a discounted studio rental rate during their program year to work on really anything they want!


Get a taste of performing on stage with us! We start with a small performance at our Annual Christmas Party in December, and end our Program Year with a spectacular Annual Dance Showcase, SPOTLIGHT, in June. It’s one of the most anticipated shows of the year where all of our #HipHop, #Jazzfunk, #KPop and #KidsTeams share the stage together. Students of all ages and levels get to know each other a little more while experiencing an epic and valuable performance opportunity! PS. Did we mention we offer other performance opportunities in the community throughout the year?


Ask anyone who has been a part of a VYbE Program team before; it’s a great place to start your dance journey, and learn more about what you can achieve with your dancing and creativity! We pride ourselves in being from a long line of students who become teachers, and even Program Directors. Talk about a #fullcirclemoment! (I, myself, am an example of exactly this. But, more about me later). Directors Carlo, YJ, Ksenia, Nathan, Ellie, Gluke, and Stella all started at VYbE as students. They worked hard and paved their way to becoming Directors with us! Will you be next? ;)

Our students start as young as 6 years old. Some of us have spent most of our teen years sharing the studio with lifelong friends!


I say this a lot, but it really takes a village to get VYbE to where it is now. Without you, without all our community members, we would not be where we are today. We appreciate and love you all so much! When you join Programs, you join a community of dancers who love and care about dance just as much as you. Together we can continue to grow and share our passion with future generations of dancers as well. We will always continue to do more good in our community by partnering with surrounding non-profits (CCYAA, CICS) and organizations like Toronto Police Services, Raptors905, York Region Police, etc.

All that to say, we think you should join our Programs because they’re AWESOME! :) If you haven’t already, check them out here, and email us at if you have any questions. Welcome to the VYbE Family!

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences that we can look back on and say "That really happened!"


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